Thank God for plastic surgeries! Navi Mumbai: October 29: We’ve seen twists and tales in soaps too many times to even react now. Earlier there were replacements in the cast of a forever dragging soap, and the viewers would be notified that a particular character will now be essayed by xyz. But science and technology is making its presence here too. Balaji productions came on the scene and brought with them the remedy to all problems. Plastic Surgery! We give you a behind the scene view of how the scripts are decided upon.

Rajeev Khandelwal, the protagonist and main attraction for the soap Kahiin To Hoga left the soap following a tiff with Ekta and the writers. He was apparently not happy with the way the show was shaping up. Entered hunky but wooden model Gurpreet Singh. The story line took a dramatic twist. Rajeev’s character Sujal was shown to have met with a fatal accident and after missing for a few episodes, Gurpreet was brought in as the new Sujal, who has lost his memory and, of course has undergone a plastic surgery. Ever wondered why the writers never feel that they are weaving a very
unbelievable plot? Actor Chaitanya Choudhry (Akshat) jumps to defend his show here. “ I don’t know why people think that it is only here that such soaps are meted out. They should watch ‘Bold and Beautiful’. Then they will realise how realistic our soaps are. In those soaps they show the daughter in law falling in love with her father in law, and such weird twists.” And are how many days before are they told about the turn their character is going to take? “We are told about our characterisation atleast a week in advance, but the minute details are given only a day before or so”, informs

Chaitanya also says that he has never asked the writers to give more weightage to his track ever. He admits to asking questions regarding the logic of the script often though. “I do ask as to why a particular character is reacting is a given manner, because I wont be able to perform mechanically, if not told. I restrict myself to this much of snooping in only. I don’t interfere with the writers jobs otherwise”, states he.

Makers insist that twists and turns are integral part of serials, and especially a daily soap. Says writer of the famous serial Tara, and producer of Millee, Vinta Nanda, “the interest levels have to be kept up with, which is why you have to provide them with the unexpected, else why will they even watch your soap.” Vinta does agree that writers have tremendous pressure on them, to churn out interesting story lines, but vehemently denies that the writers have to try to please the artists by the giving them interesting tracks. “Atleast in my company we tell the writers not to indulge in preferential behaviour at all. A serial is like a broadway opera, with 50 people in it. It is not possible to satisfy each one’s desires to be in the spotlight. The artists keep coming to us to request to boost their tracks. It happens all the time”, sighs Vinta. “The basic framework for a serial is
decided upon atleast six months before shooting. But the minute details are taken care of as and when the shooting rolls on”, informed Vinta.

Backing her is scriptwriter of the hit soaps Kahiin To Hoga, and Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki, Anil Nagpal, “we work only to cater to the audience and keep the TRP’s in mind, and not with the idea to promote or please a particular artist.” When asked how they cope with unforeseen circumstances like an
artist falling ill or walking out, he sighed and said, “its overtime all the way. Sleepless nights, sweating all the time, no breakfast, lunch nor dinner. Its trying to chalk out a seamless script and in time. When you have such commitments, your personal life takes a backseat and your professional
life tends to dominate the scene.”

Though many watch the soaps religiously throughout the week, a lot has been said about family dramas being passé and that its about time the television soaps move on too.The writers seem unfazed by these accusations. “Journalists and critics are trained to point out the wrongs. But we are not catering to this section of society, but are targeting solely at providing entertainment. And we have tapped a section that loves watching these programmes, so we have no issues with all the criticism. I won’t say that the critics are wrong though.”

As for what you can expect from Kahiin To Hoga now, “loads of surprises”, is his answer. Its our aim not to let anything come in our way of high TRP’s, not even the Navratri season, concludes Anil Nagpal.

Though every serial starts as ‘refreshingly different’, they deviate to take the same old boring path after a few months. Remember what ‘Ye Meri Life Hai’ started out as. The makers were literally shouting on rooftops that this soap was ‘a slice of the real life and not just another family drama’.
Well we’d like to hear what they have to say now. Ditto for Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, and Kkusum, which started out as ‘aam ladki ki kahaani’ (story of a simple girl next door). After three plastic surgeries, and exchanging her husband n number of times, it could be called anything but that, don’t you

If you were wondering where is Nakul from the teen targeted serial Remix these days, here’s what happened to him. He walked for hours together, on 26th July and waded through the floods to reach home. He has been taken ill since then and is still has not recovered.. Which is why he was shown to
leave school to go to his native place urgently due to a relative falling sick in the serial. “It was very nice of the producers not to have replaced him. They are waiting for him to get well, and his character will be revived then. The only problem is that Nakuls girlfriend’s track in the serial had to be axed, as there is not much she can do without Nakul here”, says lead artist Shweta
Gulati (Tia). Atleast Nakul survived the plastic surgery!